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Top 10 Fashion Trends for Spring 2021

08 Mar 2021 0 comments
Top 10 Fashion Trends for Spring 2021

Even during Lockdown, Style trends for Spring 2021 are here ready to inspire our days of sun ahead. I have gathered 10 of the hottest spring fashion trends of 2021! Whether you're staying inside or heading out for essentials. These trends are sure to get you noticed this spring!

If you tuned into Fashion week 2020, then you might already know about the colour combos & old school looks that are coming back. If you don't, don't worry! I've got you covered. So let's get to it...

  1. Holographic Clothing - We seen it start to hit a lot last year in the makeup and beauty scene. Now we are seeing it a lot with Faux leather. Beautiful bold colourshifting pieces that turn heads.  We found these amazing holographic legginds! you can check out these faux leather leggings here.
  2. Next up, We are going to talk about two colours that complement eachother this spring. The colours of 2021 are illuminating which is a bright yellow along with ultimate grey. These colours are said to represent unity, stability & hope. This top is inspired by this trend, putting the colours together in a more subtle fashion.
  3. Sorbet Pastel Tones are another trend of Spring 2021. These tranquil pieces are sure to go with any choice of bottom that you decide. Pastel tones keep things classy and sweet while keeping things super fresh. We are here for it! Our Purple Colorblock button up long Cartigan is perfect for those still breezy Spring afternoons. 
  4. Oversize Shoulder Pad Jackets & Oversized shoulder tuille shoulder tops. Now this is an old school trend for sure! One of our personal favourites. Bring out those broad shoulder jackets, thy're back in style! We love the look of fluffy, see through shoulders of blouses with these kinds of shoulders. They're so classy and beautiful. perfect for any date, or night out! 
  5. Fantasy Florals - Floral patterns are here for spring once again. They're always a great choice for the season. Combine the pastel, Ultimate grey & floral trend with this dress! 
  6. Jumpsuits! They're back and actually, I have a few they're so comfortable! They're so easy on a day that you want to look great but still be comfy. I am totally here for it. You can browse our lux collection of jumpsuits here
  7. Metallic Blacks, Silvers, Bronzes, Chrome are in style this year! Its such an eye catching look great for an evening look. The shine, its interesting when it catches the light and makes you feel so luxurious. We absolutely love this Black Metallic Jumpsuit!
  8. Cut-Outs. They're a super sexy way to show a little skin without going too crazy. Whether it's a cut-out bathing suit or sweater... this look is adorable. We love this Black Strapped cut-out sweater for those colder, rainy spring days. 
  9. Bare Baked Tops & Dresses. These are a hit this year! Open back tops and dresses will not only look amazing on you this year, they will cool you & keep you nice and classy at the same time. They always look so timeless and elegant. We love this style especially on dresses for this spring of 2021. We recommend this Black Star Backless Ruffle Mini Dress.
  10. Bubble Pink Tops. What a great flirty colour for spring this year. It looks great on most skin tones & is such a gorgeous shade. We recommend tops like this flowy Drape Blouse which would be a good choice as we transition into summer here in a couple months. 

There is so many more not listed here that were projected by fashion week that aren't listed here. I chose my personal favourites to share here with you today.

So, What are your favourite current fashion trends?

Don't forget to tag us if you purchase any of our lux clothing! We want to see you glowing llike the luxury you are. 

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